June 3rd
Capitol Jazz Fest (Frank McComb)

June 4th
Sugar Bar New York City (Frank McComb)

July 9th
Lake Arbor Jazz Fest (Phaze II)

July 19th thru 26th
Regina Belle (South Africa/Cape Town)

July 28th
Babalu Club Va (Phaze II)

July 30th
Old Ebbitt Grill (Phaze II)

August 3rd
Bethesda Blues (Nia Simmons)

August 4th
Largo Town Center (Phaze II)

August 10th
Sean Park Detroit (Regina Belle)

August 28th
Bethesda Blues (Conya Doss)

September 3rd
Beachtree Jazz Fest (Phaze II)

September 10th
Bream Festival (Phaze II)

September 24th
Percussion Hand Drumming workshop

October 15th
Rockville Center (D Lucas)

December 21st
Christmas Party Serendipity Club (Phaze II)

December 22 – 23
Blues Alley (Regina Belle)

March 2017
Regina Bell / Manhattans / The Whispers World tour to Africa and Europe